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OnCommand Unified Manager and OnCommand Performance Manager -> Fully Integrated? Mostly.

Working at a customer site on residency just outside of Baltimore, MD. We have installed and implemented OnCommand Unified Manager 6.4RC1(OCUM) and OnCommand Performance Manager 2.1RC1(OCPM) utilizing the Full Integration feature found in these two products at this release and moving forward. The vApp/ESXi versions were used here, but I suspect using other variants will likely produce similar results.

After the installation, it was determined that the email address for the “admin” account needed to change. Figured I would just go into the GUI and modify the admin email address.

After doing this, anything that was OCUM related got the update. This was also verified on the maintenance console of OCUM:

root@OCUM:/home/diag# mysql -e " select id,name,emailAddress from ocum.authorizationunit;"
| id   | name         | emailAddress         |
|    1 | admin        | |
|    2 | ocpm         |     |
|    3 | Cloud-Admins | NULL                 |
|    4 | RAD-NetOps   | NULL                 |
|    6 | RAD-Archive  | NULL                 |
|    7 | tmccar14     |      |
|  100 | cliadmin     |  |
| 1001 | tmac         | NULL                 |

When we looked on OCPM for something similar, we found this:

root@OCPM:/home/diag# mysql -e " select id,name,emailAddress from ocf.authorizationunit;"
| id   | name  | emailAddress      |
|    1 | admin | |
| 1002 | tmac  | NULL              |

Currently, the only way to *fix* this is by enabling the diagnostic user and logging into the maintenance console. (I will not be enabling how to do that here, consult NetApp Tech Support if you really need to do this!). After you are on the maintenance console, I was instructed to use this command to fix the database:

root@OCPM:/home/diag# mysql -e "update ocf.authorizationunit set emailAddress='' where id=1;"

Re-running the command above showed the updated info:

root@OCPM:/home/diag# mysql -e " select id,name,emailAddress from ocf.authorizationunit;"
| id   | name  | emailAddress         |
| 1    | admin | |
| 1002 | tmac  | NULL                 |

A bug has been opened to learn about this behavior. Hopefully, they will be able to fix this minor little issue soon.

Full Integration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Performance Manager

NetApp has recently released a “full integration” of the two core Clustered Data ONTAP monitoring products, OnCommand Unified Manager (vsphere version link) and OnCommand Performance Manager (vsphere version link).

ocumWhat does this mean?

Historically, when using these two products, you would need to setup each individually and mange each individually. With the “full integration” release, you still perform a basic setup on both. If using HTTPS Certificates generated by your own Certificate Authority, generate the signing requests, get and install the certificates and then, following the documentation, configure the “full integration” on the maintenance console of the performance manager. After a few minutes, you are presented with an updated single management pane through the OnCommand Unified Manger. Nearly all configuration options that apply to one, will apply to the other as needed. In fact, the GUI to OnCommand Performance Manager is now gone as a stand alone product (hitting the OCPM IP address with a browser no longer works) when full integration is used.

Partial Integration is what the application used in prior releases and is still a viable option. The preferred method moving forward is the Full Integration.